Our experience dates back nearly a century.  Our parent company, the R.P. Kincheloe Company, was originally established in 1919 as a medical imaging equipment distributor.

In 1986, the R.P. Kincheloe Company founded Perkins Healthcare Technologies as an independent Video Integration solutions provider.  Since that time, Perkins has been a pioneer and industry leader in medical video integration products.

Today, we continue to specialize exclusively in the design, development, and distribution of medical video integration solutions for clinical applications.

Based in Richardson, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, our solutions can be found in clinical environments worldwide.

Your Medical Video Integration Experts

Our mission is simple: to provide Video Integration Solutions that solve YOUR unique challenges in the most efficient, fiscally responsible manner possible:

  • Flexible and cost-effective products that complement the workflow of your medical imaging, surgical or hybrid procedure suite.
  • Fiscally responsible allowing complete flexibility to repurpose existing capital equipment assets and, or, selection of new equipment providers, without interoperability constraints.  
  • Customized designs for new or existing procedure suites, providing forward and backward compatibility across all brands and modalities.
  • Seamless integration into the procedure suite, regardless of clinical functionality or complexity.
  • Simplified delivery of patient display information to clinical stakeholders where, when and how they need it.

Revolutionizing Medical Technology for More Than 25 Years

Since our first product, the Video Routing Bus, released in 1987, Perkins has been the industry leader in Video Integration technology.

When the Video Routing Bus was first integrated into vascular and cardiovascular diagnostic procedure suites, it transformed the diagnostic examination room into an interventional procedure suite, revolutionizing clinical workflow.

Today, this functionality is now the standard in all vascular and cardiac procedures suites:

  • Providing live Fluoro video distribution for switching to multiple displays and video recording devices simultaneously.
  • Allowing recordings to be viewed in the examination suite during the procedure, providing instant feedback to clinical stakeholders.

Perkins continues this tradition today, providing medical-grade solutions that:

  • Improve workflow.
  • Seamlessly integrate into all procedure suites.
  • Provide connectivity to imaging and video sources, regardless of type or age.

Solutions Customized to YOUR Needs and Objectives

All Perkins products are designed specifically for medical Video Integration applications.

We offer a full range of accessories and technical services to ensure the delivered solution includes everything you need for your application.

What’s your medical technology challenge? Contact Perkins today to learn how Video Integration can streamline your clinical environment.

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