Upgrade your EZ PIC or MD XDR Recorder to use Window 7 Professional

High Resolution Medical Video Recording has become an integral part of surgical and imaging practices and can be found in most all Integrated Procedure Suites.

Whether YOUR application is recording a Modified Barium Swallow examination, a Surgical or an Interventional procedure, Perkins has a solution that will meet YOUR clinical application, workflow and budget requirements.

Our recording solutions are available as stand-alone products or packaged as turn-key solutions to facilitate ease of Integration, regardless of the manufacturer or vintage of your system.

Most Perkins recording solutions feature the ability to automatically capture High Resolution video sequences via an external command such as an endoscope camera trigger, or a fluoroscopic footswitch. Alternatively, the recorders can be configured to continuously record the entire procedure. All recorders feature single image capture as well.

Archiving YOUR medical video recordings is easy too. Options include archiving your recordings in their native file format on a network server or as DICOM objects on your PACS system.

All Perkins recording solutions are FDA listed devices.


Perkins EZ PIC HD DICOM System

FDA Listed, Medical Grade Video Recorder

The EZ PIC HD Workstation is our flagship vendor neutral monochrome recording device fine-tuned for recording High Resolution x-ray imaging based procedures such as Modified Barium Swallows. It incorporates features like a timer that are valuable when measuring latencies.

The EZ PIC HD DICOM system has many new features that enhance ePHI and improve the user experience.  Its design has been focused to ensure the optimum workflow experience for speech pathology studies, radiology, GI lab and other monochrome recording needs.  For color recording, see the MD XDR workstation.


Major New Features

  • Administrator controls including complex user names and passwords, user rights (e.g. view only studies they recorded), verbose log files, automatic file deletion upon successful PACS send and many other features to maximize for ePHI security
  • Send DICOM studies to DVD or USB with DICOM reader with audio playback
  • GUI layout – five easy workflow steps with “light” guide
  • Improved editing functions
  • Store directly to a network drive
  • Multitasking – improves room utilization -record next study while the last one is processed and sent to PACS in the background
  • MBS labeling improvements (more media, easy to add your labels)
  • Timer can be recorded embedded in the recorded MBS study and viewed on PACS workstations
  • Windows 7 OS
  • Powerful PC with high speed processor and USB 3.0 ports


Five EZ Workflow Steps

1 – Patient Study – Enter Patient and study information before capturing the study.  Minimize data entry – download patient data via modality worklist

2 – Capture – Opens after Patient Study information is completed.
Integrated fluoroscope foot pedal automatically captures video each time you irradiate the patient

3- View – View the captured study.

  • Select a video to view and image size
  • Hide/View Study Information
  • Select Series
  • Select video and images within selected series

4- Process – Cleanup and documentation

  • Add labels (e.g., thin liquid)
  • Discard unwanted videos and images

5- Distribute

  • Distribute native format files to USB/DVD/Network Drive
  • Distribute DICOM Files to USB/DVD/PACS
  • Background functions

Start next patient – the distribute functions will continue in the background


EZ PIC Options


Includes Perkins MD Scaler Scan Converter
No Format training required – plug and go.  Automagically converts any video input into a configurable DVI-D output with timer.  The output resolution can be configured to optimize image quality and PACS file size.

Mobile and Sharing Solutions
EZ PIC HD Cart – Designed and manufactured by Perkins for the EZ PIC HD DICOM system.

Room sharing – kits for using several rooms with different fluoroscope brands – one EZ PIC HD on a Cart can be moved from room to room.

  • Large hospital style cart wheels
  • Adjust Display and keyboard for optimum use


For more information on the EZ PIC HD, please select the link below:

Learn more ? EZ PIC HD Spec Sheet

EZ Pic 150.80




FDA Listed, Medical Grade Video Recorder

MD XDR is a High Resolution color recording device developed exclusively for capturing any High Resolution color or DVI monochrome medical video format.

This recorder includes all the same features and functionality as our EZ PIC HD and is an excellent choice for inclusion in your Integrated Procedure Suite.

Patient information presented as real-time Multi-Images on a display in the Integrated Procedure Suite can be easily captured and archived providing the clinician with a very robust tool for correlating real-time events during the procedure. This could include capturing endoscopic video in conjunction with vitals and reference PACS information.

For more information on the MD XDR, please select the link below:

Learn more ? MD XDR Spec Sheet


Sony HVO-1000MD Recorder

The Sony HVO-1000 is a medical HD recorder capable of recording Standard and High Definition video sources.

Among the key features of this recorder is the ability to simultaneously record to two external media destinations as well as real-time distribution with streaming.

This simple to use recorder is a very cost effective recording and streaming solution.

For more information on Sony’s HVO-1000MD, please select the link below:
Learn more ? Sony HVO-1000MD Brochure


Sony LMD-2451MT 3D Medical-Grade Display

Sony Electronics, together with Perkins Healthcare, leaders in providing innovative video solutions for the healthcare market, are showcasing a 3D HD solution complete with video recording and display for collaboration, training and education in microsurgery, robotic surgery and laparoscopic surgery in the operating room.

The new LMD-2451MT 24-inch 3D medical-grade display delivers superb image quality enabling surgeons to take advantage of more realistic depth perception and spatial orientation. The LMD-2451MT provides improved accuracy, high contrast, less eye fatigue, consistent color, and multi-modality imaging capability.

Perkins working with Sony will extend the 3D images to other clinical staff members and provide recording functions to distribute the 3D HD images to other clinical areas.

Learn more – Sony 3D Product Display Spec Sheet


Sony HVO-3000MT Recorder

The HVO-3000MT is the world’s first 3D medical compliant HD video recorder that provides exceptional picture quality for both 3D and 2D video recording. Users can record up to 31 hours of high-quality images onto the robust internal hard disk drive and to a variety of removable media.

Perkins working with Sony will extend the 3D images to other clinical staff members and provide recording functions to distribute the 3D HD images to other clinical areas.

Learn more – Sony 3D Recorder Spec Sheet